Patrice O’Neal | How To Embrace Confrontation

In the dark basement known as the Comedy Cellar in New York, some of the best comedians in the world have gathered to sharpen their skills in the often-brutal world of stand-up comedy. Bill Burr, Kevin Hart, Jim Norton, Colin Quinn, Greg Giraldo, Rich Vos, Bobby Kelly all said there was no place like the Comedy Cellar to help them develop the thick skin needed in the comedy scene.

The Cellar reserved a table just for comedians to gather and abuse each other over their new haircut or the shirt they wore that day. No one was safe… and to be brutalized at the table was often seen as a rite of passage.
But in this world of professional trash talkers… one figure loomed larger than all the rest…
At the comedians table in the Comedy Cellar… Patrice was King.


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