Bill Burr

ou mean get a gig in front the people saying something isn’t funny anymore? Yeah. That’s why feminists are some of my favorite people to do comedy in front of. It’s so easy. They’re so fucking sensitive. They take themselves so seriously that you can’t be absurd enough — they still act like you’re presenting legislation. When I was in L.A. during the election I would just trash Hillary [Clinton]Both Clinton and Trump were frequent targets of Burr’s jokes during the 2016 election. “They’re just sort of talking about each other, about what assholes they are,” said Burr of the candidates. “It’s like two seventh-grade girls starting rumors about each other.”. But when I go to Oklahoma, I make fun of gun owners and their AR-15s“What do you do with it?” wondered Burr on his podcast about the semi-automatic rifle. “I know what I would do with it. I wouldn’t take it down to some stupid fucking gun range and do target practice. That’s not what you get that gun for. You get that gun to reenact — safely — the end of Scarface.” (With rotting pumpkins that is.). I don’t mean trying to piss people off so much that they leave the show, but just trying to bug ‘em. That’s where the fun is.
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